Discover the Delphi Academy training offer as part of the wider MASTERS OF MOTION support project for car mechanics.

MASTERS OF MOTION is a portal designed to support services with instructional videos, tutorials, a knowledge base with the latest essential information – where experts share their knowledge and experience.

The MASTERS OF MOTION campaign was prepared on the basis of research that was carried out in 4000 workshops in 10 European countries within 4 consultation groups. The research made it possible to understand the needs of garages and to prepare and develop materials that will be of real help to car mechanics.

Delphi Academy, on the other hand, is an online training system with a growing number of courses available, where you can track your progress and keep notes.  The courses currently available in Poland can be found under the link.

The courses in Polish for diesel workshops on diagnostics, repair, test and coding of diesel injection components are also planned.