The Italian company SIRINI has been producing creative and precise tools for the workshop for more than 70 years. The factory has the most advanced manufacturing equipment and machinery and, thanks to the experience and knowledge they have acquired, they can now be competitive in the market and guarantee the very good quality of their tools.

The family-owned company SIRINI started as a precision mechanical workshop, so they specialise in the design and prototyping of custom mechanical parts, ensuring high quality.
Over the years, they have developed their product line in the field of diesel engines; they produce tools and spare parts for diesel engines and test bench equipment (Bosch, Delphi-Lucas / Hartridge, Rabotti, etc.) and for all diesel injection systems: traditional, electronic and common rail.
In addition, they manufacture equipment for checking and testing pumps, and injectors and common rail pumps.
For their extensive production, they use a new generation of CNC lathes (CAD-CAM system), machines (drills, milling machines, CNC lathes), quality control system (TESA MICRO-HITE 3D measuring system).

The assumptions of this company are:

Efficiency, quality, precision, reliability, service, punctuality in the deliveries and high attention to the after-sale assistance.

The company’s mission statement is:


Our core-business is the engineering and design of equipment for the reparation and control of Diesel pumps and injectors (Bosch, Delphi, VDO e Denso).

Our range of products includes all tooling for:

  • Test Bench (Bosch, Hartridge, Rabotti, etc)
  • Disassembling, assembling, and check of all Bosch, Delphi, Denso and VDO diesel pumps be they:
    • Mechanical (VE, P, DPA, etc)
    • Electronic (EDC-VE, EDC-P, VP, etc)
    • Common rail:
      • Bosch CP1, CP2, CP3 and the new CP4
      • Delphi DFP3 etc
      • Denso HP2/HP3 etc
      • VDO Continental
    • Calibration/tuning test of all the kinds of diesel injectors of all brands be they:
      • Traditional mechanical
      • Double spring mechanical
      • Electromagnetic Common rail
      • Piezoelectric Common rail
  • Revise and check all unit-injector (UI and UP) systems

Catalogue in PDF download.

Przykładowe narzędzia

Bosch CR Piezo injector repair kit.

VDO Continental CR injector check kit.