Automatic Common Rail injector tester.

It is characterised by its compact design, which will be appreciated by service technicians with limited space, and thanks to the use of the latest technology, it allows a quick and precise check of the technical condition of the injector under test.


On the basic versions of DS1R-S/10 and DS1R-E/10, the result is a PASS/FAIL report on the basis of electrical tests and injector leakage tests, while on the DS1R-E/20 and DS1R-D/20 versions, a detailed report with a listing of all measured parameters and their reference to the built-in database is provided.

  • Extensive database for all types of electromagnetic and piezo injectors: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens/VDO/Continental
  • Free automatic software updates
  • Test of all types of solenoid and piezo injectors: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens / VDO / Continental and double-coil injectors with reference of the test results to the database
  • Max. operating pressure 2200 bar (versions DS1R-E/20 and DS1R-D/20)
  • eRLC test (electrical), assessment of injector condition based on CFL leakage test
  • iVM dosage tests
  • LKT (Leak test on injector return) and NLT (Leak test on injector tip) tests – DS1R-E/20 and DS1R-D/20 versions
  • Optional RSP (rate of response) and aNOP (injector tip opening pressure) tests – when equipped with RSP sensor
  • Handling 1 injector
  • Fully automatic operation (electronic pressure regulator) – version DS1R-D/20
  • Electronic dose measurement
  • 8″ Android tablet

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